Continuing Rehabilitation Centre

Service Introduction

The Continuing Rehabilitation Centre was launched on 6 January 2006 to provide high-quality cross-disciplinary services for people with neurological impairment who have returned to live in the community. Targeted quality rehabilitation services are provided by the centre’s inter-disciplinary professional team. The Stroke Rehabilitation Unit was added in November 2018 at the centre to address the increasing need for stoke rehabilitation.

Front door
Front door


Outpatient Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy Services

Domiciliary Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy Services

Caregivers Training Service

Gym room
Gym room

Users and Details

  • People who have suffered brain injuries or degenerative diseases due to strokes, Parkinson’s disease, dementia or cognitive impairment
  • People who suffer from deteriorated joint functions or chronic pain
  • Rehabilitation people who had completed the operations for Pneumoconiosis, heart and chest.

Service features

  • Manual therapy and training applied to maximise efficacy of therapy and track training progress
  • Diverse professional and innovative training equipment (e.g. Ekso Robotic Exoskeleton) to facilitate training
  • Specialised treatments for stroke patients at the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit
  • Spacious settings for conducting different forms of treatment training
  • One-on-one therapy by a single designated therapist for continuous follow-up (additional charges apply)
  • Point-to-point shuttle services to transport service users to the centre (additional charges apply)
  • Home visit service is available for immobile users to receive immediate treatment

Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

Thanks for the donation from the Rotary Club of Peak to set up a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit in November 2018 and to introduce advanced rehabilitation equipment such as Tenobody Balance Trunk Easy, Tobii Gaze Interaction System, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation unit for swallowing muscles, Ceiling mount hoist system and Pilates Reformer, etc. The aim of Stroke Rehabilitation Unit is to enhance the ability of clients with stroke in the aspects of pain management, physical and daily activities, cognitive and speech and swallowing ability.

Quality recognition

The centre has been awarded ISO 9001 (2015) since 2013, a recognition that the centre’s service quality meets international standards.

Professional team

Our inter-disciplinary team comprises physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and trainers to provide one-stop services in a single location so that service users can receive different rehabilitation training in one place.

Application and Forms Downloading

You can contact the centre by phone or download and complete the form and then submit it to the centre by email or fax in order to reserve the assessment schedule (the centre may depend on different situation to request the applicant to submit the doctor referral letter).

Service Fees

Outpatient Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Services

  • Assessment: $500
  • Package (8 sessions / Each session lasts for 45 minutes up): $3680
  • Individual Fee (Each session lasts for 45 minutes up) : $680

Outpatient Speech Therapy Service

  • Assessment: $850
  • Package(4 sessions / Each session lasts for 45 minutes up): $3000
  • Individual Fee (Each session lasts for 45 minutes up): $800

Domiciliary Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Services

  • Individual Lesson Fee: $1000 (Each session lasts for 45 minutes up)
    (Additional transportation fee may be levied depending on the districts.)

Domiciliary Speech Therapy Service

  • Individual Lesson Fee: $1300 (Each session lasts for 45 minutes up)
    (Additional transportation fee may be levied depending on the districts.)

Service Hours

  • Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm
Continuing Rehabilitation Centre Team
Continuing Rehabilitation Centre Team
User in training
User in training
ISO:90001 certificate
ISO:90001 certificate
Continuing Rehabilitation Centre
Continuing Rehabilitation Centre

Room G1, G/F., Tung Wong House, Tai Hang Tung Estate, Kowloon


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