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Service Introduction

The Jockey Club New Page Inn is the first transitional-stage nursing and supporting centre in Hong Kong and in Asia to service people with tetraplegia. A one-year transitional residential arrangement is available for people who have become tetraplegic to help them develop and adapt to new lifestyle routines. The centre provide training, assistance and family counseling to their family members / carers in order to achieve the sustainability of community return.


The Centre provides three core services:

1. Transitional Residential Service and All-round Community Rehabilitation Service

A one-year transitional residential arrangement is available for people who have become tetraplegic and newly discharged from hospital but not yet prepared for regular home life.  Services include:

    • Daily living care
    • Nursing care and training
    • Professional individual and group counselling
    • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
    • Community life adaptation training
    • Home-based nursing and care training
    • Care-giver training and family support programmes

2. Ambulatory Day Training Service

The Centre also provides a continuous rehabilitation training service for the tetraplegic living at home. The service helps them build a social network, and maintain and enhance their abilities in living in the community. The Centre provides transportation for service users when needed.

3. Respite Service

The Centre provides a temporary residence for the tetraplegic who need a short stay away from home. This allows care-givers and family members a respite from care duties.

Users and Details

  • Tetraplegic patients aged 15 and above with physically and emotionally stable and the patients determined to live in the home and has a plan mapped out for integration into the home environment
  • The family members and carer of the above patients

Professional team

Our professional team comprises social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and personal care workers


  • All applicants to transitional residential and holistic rehabilitation service must be referred through medical doctors and personnel from the Hospital Authority
  • Respite service: It can be applied with the centre directly

Service Fees

In accordance with Social Welfare Department guidelines

  • Transitional Residential and holistic rehabilitation service:$1,871/month
  • Respite service:$81/day
  • Day support training:$61/session

Service Hours

  • Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 8:00am to 1:00pm
  • Transitional Residential and respite care service Whole year round

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Core Services

The following services are provided under the Transitional Residential and All-Round Community Rehabilitation Services:

1. Professional individual and group counselling

Professional individual and group counselling services are provided by registered social workers to help service users adapt and build new life routines and social networks, so as to enhance their emotional strengths.

2. Nursing care and training

Nurses will provide a variety of care, such as health checks, foley catheter management and wound management. Training for personal nursing needs will also be provided if required.

3. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Registered physiotherapists and occupational therapists provide training for improving independent daily self-care and body functions. Therapists can also assess home environment and make recommendations on home modifications, as well as purchasing and maintaining assistive devices such as power wheelchairs and exercise equipment.

4. Community life adaptation training

To prepare service users for living in the community, specific training is provided to the tetraplegia to familiarise with accessible facilities in the community and deal with the inconveniences they may encounter in their daily lives. For example, the Centre organises a “Barrier-free Outing Day” every year, during which therapists will guide service users to experience how to use public transportation.

5. Home-based nursing and caring training

The “home-based training room” at the Centre provides a simulated home setting to give service users and their carers a temporary home environment to experience possible difficulties of home care, under the supervision and support of the professional team, before the service users return to live at home.

6. Care-giver training and family support programs

The Centre provides a range of training, such as home-based caring training for the tetraplegic, drug management, daily nursing care and use of equipment. The Centre also organises support groups for families, as well as regular family activities to help alleviate the pressure on care-givers.


The Centre’s professional team also renders professional individual and group counselling and day physiotherapy and occupational therapy to service users of the Ambulatory Day Training service. Personalised support services are available if required.

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Physiotherapy therapy
Physiotherapy therapy
Physiotherapy therapy
Physiotherapy therapy

Unit 1-5 and 11-15, G/F. Heng Yat House, Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan


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